Kasabian have apologised for insulting other bands.

Tom Meighan, lead singer of the ‘Vlad the Impaler’ group admitted he has said bad things about other bands in the past, while he’s sorry, he doesn’t regret it.

He told radio station XFM: “We’re lovers of all music – and I’m not just saying that to be civil.

“I’m past s****ing bands off, I’m sorry, I don’t regret it – but that’s life. I was a kid.”

Despite previously having disagreements with acts, the British band thought deceased singer Amy Winehouse was “lovely” and recently showed their sensitive side by sending a floral tribute to her home following the ‘Rehab’ hitmaker’s death on July 23.

Tom explained: “I sent over some flowers today to her shrine from Kasabian – where all those people are putting all flowers – a big bunch of flowers from us. I think that’s respectful. She was lovely wasn’t she?

“Before ‘Back to Black’ came out we had a sing song around hers. It was great, lovely memories, I was singing one of my songs and then she just sang and I was like ‘wow what a lovely voice!’ – just nice.”