Kaiser Chiefs find their Japanese fans the most “respectful” in the world.

The ‘Little Shocks’ band have recently returned from touring in the Asian country, and admit they are always surprised by way their fans in the country greet them and how they dance at their shows.

Singer Ricky Wilson said: “People bow at everything, they bow at breakfast! They’re so respectful, they will do pogo dancing, but they pogo on the spot, and no one interferes, unlike in England where everyone’s all over everywhere.

“I also don’t crowd surf over there. I think there wouldn’t be enough respect in that.”

They band also released their recent album ‘The Future is Mediaeval’ in a way where people could choose which tracks they wanted to include on their own personalised CD. They explained this was an attempt to bridge the gap between buying physical copies of an album and downloading it.

Ricky added to radio station BBC 6 Music: “It was a really good idea and we did it. It was flawed massively, but…. We weren’t trying to get rid of CDs we were trying to bring people back into the experience of consuming music as like an event. Now you buy your downloads and you forget, whereas if you bought the CD you’d listen to it and look at it and discover it.

“We don’t want to dig our heels in and say, ‘oh we’re only going to release records on wax cylinders,’ we wanted to look to the future, but bring with us some of the good stuff from the past.”