Kaiser Chiefs record their albums in a studio which is only big enough to fit one person in at a time.

The ‘Little Shocks’ group’s drummer, Nick Hodgson produced and recorded most of their last album ‘The Future is Medieval’, which they admit was sometimes difficult as the recording booth at the studio they used was so small.

Bassist Simon Rix told radio station XFM: “Nick is good, he likes dealing with us on a one-to-one basis. The studio is only big enough to cater for one person at a time, two maximum.

“He’s good at coaxing it out of us – especially Whitey, our guitarist – he’s hard, it’s hard to get him to play, he’s amazing but can’t be bothered basically, and Nick’s best at getting it out of him and getting all the best bits in all the right places.”

Singer Ricky Wilson joked he and Simon’s role in the studio was reduced to glorified catering staff, although they proved handy when it came to putting an accordion on one track.

He said: “A lot of the studio time me and Simon spent in there with him – I think basically just to get him sandwiches.

“There was one time when we had an accordion, but none of us knew how to play it, so it took three of us, I was pressing the buttons, Simon was pumping it, so in the credits we’re all listed as playing the accordion.”

Kaiser Chiefs’ next single ‘On The Run’ is released in the New Year.