Justin Timberlake insists his music career is not “on the back burner”.

The heartthrob released his last solo single, ‘Summer Love’, from his ‘FutureSex/LoveSounds’ album in 2007, and while he has been concentrating on his acting career in the years since – appearing in ‘The Social Network’, ‘In Time’ and ‘Friends with Benefits’ among others – he insists he still has plans to work on new music.

He told BBC newsbeat: “I don’t really put anything on the back burner. I go from project to project and if something comes up that’s inspiring and feels like it makes sense and is authentic to me, then – I’m just trying to continue to be inspired.”

In the years since he put his solo career on hold, Justin has contributed to other people’s tracks, including collaborating with rapper T.I. on the track ‘Dead and Gone’, appearing on Ciara’s single ‘Love Sex Magic’ and co-writing and singing on Timbaland’s track ‘Carry Out’, all in 2009.

Meanwhile, last Saturday (29.10.11) Justin was in the UK, where he was blown away by a performance by George Michael at London’s iconic Royal Albert Hall venue.

He said: “I showed up for the concert it was beautiful. I felt like a nigh that I would remember forever, I felt lucky to be there and see him in that venue, in the Royal Albert Hall and see him with an orchestra, it was very intimate the show.

“And he was so forthcoming in his presentation of every song and talking about every song, I just really enjoyed it, it was a spectacular show.”