Josh Homme says alcohol makes him perform better onstage.

The Queens of the Stone Age frontman enjoys a drink and believes it only enhances his guitar playing, adding one of his favourite drinking partners is Foo Fighters’ singer Dave Grohl.

He joked: “Music has made my performance better a lot of times. Has it made it worse? No, never. Although one time I did have a glass of water and for a full five minutes I didn’t know what to do.

“Dave and I are two of the funnest drinking partners that one could have, but I know that’s just a hobby.”

However, Josh said he and Dave do more than just drink and play music, regularly getting together to ride motorcycles and dine out.

He said: “Dave and I ride motorcycles together as well, and we like sushi. We’re very foodist. Unbeknownst to each other, we both had a list of the 50 best restaurants in Los Angeles and we’re trying to check them all off. I think we’ve done about 12 so far.”

The current line-up of Queens of the Stone Age includes guitarist Troy Van Leeuwen, Joey Castillo on drums, percussion, bassist Michael Shuman and Dean Fertita on keyboards and guitar and Josh insists the band has very few rules.

He explained to Q magazine: “You must speak your mind, You must be a good listener. You must be your own man, meaning you can do whatever you want but if that affects the rest of us, then we have a problem.”