Adding to the growing list of celebrities who are posting videos of themselves singing during the COVID-19 outbreak, JoJo has shared a delightful spin on a throwback track. Remember “Leave (Get Out),” the hit pop single from 2004? Of course you do. JoJo has reworked the song with lyrics that reflect the current COVID-19 situation and encourage viewers to self-isolate.

Aptly retitled “Chill (Stay In),” JoJo sings a capella from her home, confessing that “I’ve been chillin at home the past few days, so you gotta FaceTime to talk to me.” OK, same.

“I never thought Corona could be such a nasty bitch,” she continues. Us too, JoJo, us too. She then launches into the chorus, which is pretty straightforward. “Stay in! Right now! Do it for humanity!” The person filming chimes in with the “No’s” and “Uh-uh’s” that punctuate the original track. It’s all extremely charming.

Watch JoJo chill and stay in while you chill and stay in below.


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