Joe Jonas’ solo album initially started off sounding like Michael Buble.

The singer’s debut solo effort, ‘Fast Life’, was initially comparable to the Canadian crooner, until he started working with producers who helped him steer it in a “hip-hop, dance and electro pop” direction.

Joe – who is also in The Jonas Brothers – told “It took a while to get to where I was musically because I had this idea that I wanted to start to make music that was more dancey and urban. It [started off] completely different. It was very much a Michael Buble type of record – just a proper singer’s type of record.

“But as I went on writing I discovered that I could really go along with the kind of music that I listen to, which is a lot of hip-hop, dance and electro pop music. There are one or two songs that we pulled back into the new sound by tweaking them.”

Joe also got to write tracks with singer Chris Brown for the album at the end of sessions, and things went so well, one of the tracks, ‘See No More’, became the first single.

He added: “The album was almost complete, but then I got the opportunity to write with Chris Brown. We wrote the song and then by a majority vote from my team we decided to go with it as the lead single

“We felt it had a pretty big chorus and it was a strong way to come out and introduce what I was doing now compared to the sound with the Jonas Brothers.”

‘Fast Life’ is released on September 5.