Jessie J used to “boo” her critics.

The ‘Do It Like a Dude’ hitmaker refused to let audience members undermine her confidence when she supported Chris Brown in 2009 so came up with a unique way to confront those who didn’t like her music.

She explained: “I remember getting booed one night because everyone wanted to see the main act so I just booed back.

“I said, ‘I’m only here for 10 minutes, so if you like it, scream. If you don’t, boo me but I’ll boo back as loud as you.’ It made them laugh.

“You’ve got to believe in yourself and be confident. That was a great development for me to learn my craft without being in the limelight.”

Jessie originally signed to a US label as a songwriter and had to “beg” to be allowed to release her own music in her native UK before she was launched as an artist Stateside.

She explained to Closer magazine: “I grew up watching ‘Top of the Pops’ and always wanted to be a part of the British music scene. I begged my American label, ‘Please let me release in the UK first.’

“‘Do It Like a Dude’ went to number one in the UK charts for two weeks. I beat Lady Gaga to the top spot in the second week, which was the most indescribable, amazing feat of accomplishment.”