James Blunt’s mother worries about his music.

The ‘Stay the Night’ hitmaker admits he receives regular calls from his mum to express her concern at the melancholy tone of some of his lyrics, despite him reassuring her he enjoys venting his emotions through song.

He said: “My mum worries about my music. She says, ‘James, why are you so sad? What did I do wrong?’

“But, in a sense I write songs about things I am probably bad at expressing in life. I actually enjoy the great racking of the heart.”

Though James’ mother worries about his serious lyrics, he insists he always tries to feature an element of light-heartedness into his songs.

Speaking about his new album ‘Some Kind of Trouble’, he added: “At the same time, you’ve got to have a bit of shallow in there. Otherwise, the perception and the person are going in different directions and something will break.

“You’re supposed to be delicate and romantic but they’ve seen you on a boat with another woman and some weird sex toys. As humans, we’re a bit of everything, and the album hopefully reflects that.”