Hurts star Theo Hutchcraft was hospitalised after being knocked down by a group of female fans.

The ‘Wonderful Life’ hitmaker tumbled down two flights of stairs, puncturing his eardrum, after a group of female supporters surged through a fire escape to get to him.

He recalled: “I was standing on a fire escape of a venue in Madrid and a stampede of teenage girls burst through trying to get to me.

“They knocked me down two flights of metal stairs and I ended up in hospital with a punctured eardrum.”

Theo admits the duo – also comprising Adam Anderson – have had a number of “terrifying” encounters with fans, including one who sparked a mass fight.

He explained: “I had a terrifying one in Estonia. I gave each girl a small amount of attention and this one girl was just staring the whole time.

“When I stayed with one girl for longer the starer came over and grabbed the girl by the throat.

“Then, five minutes later, there was an ambulance and a load of policemen.

“Suddenly, she bursts back in, blood down her face, eight guys chasing her, everyone screaming. She smacked the bouncers out cold.”