Graham Coxon thinks music videos are ”horrible”.
The guitarist has invited fans to copy dance moves posted on YouTube to create their own routines, with the clips then edited to make the promotional film for his track ‘What’ll It Take’ and says the ”experiment” stemmed from his hatred of appearing in them himself.
He said: ”It’s kind of.. videos are horrible so if there’s an interesting idea for a video then I think that’s kinda good” he said. ”I’ll just see how that turns out as an experiment, really.”
Graham – who will perform a special concert in London’s Hyde Park with his band Blur in August – is also currently preparing for a solo tour and decided to select different local bands to support him at each show.
While he has promised to look at a variety of different acts, he thinks it will be a challenge selecting the ones he wants to take to the stage before him each night.
He added in an interview with Clash Music: ”I suppose with getting bands to support from all the different towns is just to ease the boredom, I guess.
”I thought atmosphere-wise I thought it would be quite good. I’ve just got to choose ’em – it’s going to be a job!
”It’s a way also of people presenting their band and it’s not the usual support. It’s not the usual guitar-y that you might expect to support me. I was interested in lots of different things.
”I don’t think I’m particularly the sort of person who should choose. Although I am, but just to choose one group to do that job is just a bit weird because you just don’t know.”
Graham’s tour begins on April 13 in Oxford.