James Allan’s mother features on the new Glasvegas album.

The 31-year-old rocker revealed his mum Elizabeth Corrigan appears of the final track of new record ‘Euphoric /// Heartbreak ‘ – entitled ‘Change’ – and she wasted no time in bossing studio executives around.

He explained: “She is very proud of that song. It’s about a mother speaking to her son. She told everyone she was on the record and even bossed Flood (music producer) around in the studio. He’s no pushover but she still put him in his place.”

James – who suffered a cocaine overdose in 2009 – admitted the worst part of his former “moronic” drug addiction was letting his mother down.

He added: “I didn’t know my limits. We were just wide-eyed, naive, childish and moronic. The hardest part of getting up to mischief is your family worrying about you.

“My mum collects everything to do with this band, including all the newspaper cuttings. So when I saw my mum in tears I knew I’d let her down. I felt so guilty but it was a wake-up call and was good for me. After that, things became a bit real. The whole band was in the middle of a tornado.”