George Michael isn’t impressed with Madonna’s new song.
The popstar previewed her comeback track ‘Give Me All Your Lovin’ on Friday (03.02.12) and although George loves the video – which features a cheerleader theme inspired by the singer’s Super Bowl XLVI Half Time appearance yesterday (05.02.12) – he has hit out at the song itself.
He wrote on twitter: ”Just saw the Madonna video, she looks great. as for the song, err….don’t really think I should comment. Heheheh ….(sic)
”Still, us gayboyz will probably fall for it again.We never learn 🙂 According to her brother,she’s not very fond of having us around anymore (sic)
”Hopefully that’s bull***t, family feud kinda thing (he’s gay) (sic).
Referring to the track ‘Gang Bang’ and the title of the album, ‘MDNA’ – which is similar to the name of drug MDMA – he added: ”I just checked the album track listing, and it’s soooooo directed at Boyztown. And by the sounds of it she’s turned over a new leaf!
”She’s into gang banging, MDMA (supergay drug), etc. Who’d have guessed?
”My goodness, where does she find the time? (sic)”
Amid reports Madonna is once again reaching out to her gay fan base, openly homosexual singer George posted a link to a remix of one of his own songs ‘Every Other Lover’, advising Madonna that she can take some tips from him.
After the link he wrote: ”Now THATS what I call gay madge! 🙂 only hit the gay clubs so far…..the first george michael song to feature words that rhyme with clock! or , err….duck 🙂 (sic)
”If the lyric sounds its pro drug, listen again, it was originally going to be the answer song to true faith. It’s the drug of choice trying to convince the addict to keep on keeping on, as it were. In other words, you’ll have to listen a bit harder than usual to a GM choon (sic).”