Foo Fighters want to record in space.
The ‘Rope’ band’s lead singer, Dave Grohl, is planning for them to go back into the studio later this year and has ambitious ideas as to how they could make an original sounding recording.
He told MTV: ”We have an idea. It’s kind of a really big idea. We’re going to record it in space. To tape. An analogue moonshot.”
However, Foo Fighters could face a space race against Muse, who also want to record outside of the earth’s atmosphere, and are planning to travel on one of Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic flights.
Muse Frontman Matt Bellamy said last year: ”We’re trying to get a free trip into space. I’m going to try to convince Richard Branson to let us make a music video or record a song up there. I think that would be cool. Would I be scared? I think I’ll be alright.”
If they do recording in space, it would be a very different experience to the making of Foo Fighters’ last album, ‘Wasting Light’, which was recorded in Dave’s Garage in California, and went on to help them win five Grammys at last Sunday’s (12.02.12) ceremony.