Chris Shiflett was resentful of Pat Smear when he rejoined Foo Fighters.

Chris – who joined the band in 2000 – admits he was resentful of the other guitarist when he returned to the group in 2006, nine years after he initially departed, because he was concerned he would no longer be needed in the band.

He explained: “I was wary of Pat, I think anybody would have been. He almost came back after I’d been in the band a month. And I would have been out at that point, it wasn’t like now. I didn’t have my footing. So that was my frame of mind, here’s this guy who wants my job and my job is how I feed my children and pay my rent. So my job’s important to me for lots of reasons, musically and otherwise.”

Meanwhile, frontman Dave Grohl – who shot to fame as drummer in Nirvana – has admitted he still feels guilty over re-recording original drummer William Goldsmith’s parts without his knowledge on ‘The Colour And The Shape’.

He said: “It’s hard for me to admit that yeah, I had a problem with anyone else playing drums on my record. That was the first time I made a record that I hadn’t played drums on. So for me it was like letting someone go. It was f***ing heavy. But when I watched that footage back, it’s a hard thing to admit. I wish I would’ve done if differently, that’s one of my few regrets in Foo Fighters; I wish I would’ve handled that better.”