Florence Welch finds it ”hard” performing some of her emotional songs.
The Florence + The Machine singer – who has recently been romantically linked with charity boss James Nesbitt following the breakdown of her relationship with magazine editor Stuart Hammond last October – occasionally gets ”overwhelmed” by the sentiment in some of her tracks.
She said: ”I’m an emotional persona nd I get overwhelmed when I perform certain songs.
”’No Light, No Light’ and ‘Shake It Out’ bring back lots of things. They are about longing and loss, so it can be hard singing those.”
Florence uses her songwriting to express her feelings but never reveals who her lyrics are about.
She told LOOK magazine: ”I find it quite hard to tell people how I feel so writing is a way to tell something to someone without actually having to see it.
”But if someone asks if it was about them, I’d always say no. To get it out there brings up a lot of things that move me.”