Florence Welch found writing her second album easy after her “baptism of fire” with her first one.

The Florence + the Machine singer felt under huge pressure when penning her debut record ‘Lungs’ but was able to relax more with ‘Ceremonials’.

She explained: “I think because the first album was made under such high pressure and it was my first experience of everything you know, from media exposure to actually making music, and I didn’t have quite a grasp on what I was doing. So I think having had that sort of baptism of fire this time around I went in with a much clearer idea of what it is I wanted to do, which made things in a way a bit easier.”

Florence also revealed she was determined this release would be a “body of work” where the songs were connected to each other rather than a group of individual tunes.

She explained to Absolute Radio’s Pete Donaldson, she said: “I think kind of my aim for it was so it had a kind of, I really was looking for like a whole sound you know for the record not to be a collection of songs but to be like a body of work. In that sense I think we were successful.”

‘Ceremonials’ will be released on October 31 in Europe and November 1 in the US.