Florence and the Machine’s new album has no “weak” tracks.

The ‘Dog Days Are Over’ hitmaker – whose real name is Florence Welch – has completed recording on the follow-up to her 2009 debut LP ‘Lungs’, and producer Paul Epworth is delighted by what they have achieved in the studio.

He tweeted: “Friday night and had a week of wonderful mixes coming in for ‘Florence 2’. I love handing something over to hear it come back better (sic).

“I feel for the a&r dept having to try and whittle these tracks down to 10 or 12 because there really are no weak ones (sic).”

Paul also praised the “sensitivity and power” that fans will encounter on the “weird” record.

He added: “It’s a weird record that sounds live in ways and like a machine in others, with sensitivity and power from both the music and Flo’s voice (sic).”

Last month, Florence claimed she wanted her band to don shaman’s robes while recording because of her fascination with religion, the occult and spiritualism.

She said: “It would be fun to get shaman robes for everyone while we’re recording.

“So everyone – the whole band – gets dressed for work, puts on their big robe, and comes down to the studio.

“I love seances, witchcraft, heaven and hell, voodoo, gospel, possession, demons, exorcism and all that stuff.

“I’m not a religious person. Sex, violence, love, death, all the topics that I’m constantly wrestling with, it’s all connected back to religion.”

A release date for the album is yet to be confirmed.