You know what your Tuesday needs? A rousing, mesmerising track from one of Taylor Swift’s favourite new artists, that’s what.

Emilie & Ogden (actually a Montrealer and her harp named Ogden) caught Tay’s (and so our) attention with a low-key, high-drama cover of “Style”, which the pop star then tweeted out, and made viral. 

Luckily for music-lovers (and harpists in particular) there’s a lot more to this Canadian singer-songwriter than an ear for transforming ballads about Harry Styles into viral hits. Emilie & Ogden brings a sort of dreamy, delicate sensibility to pop that is incredibly listenable, but also interesting. Also, the harp might just be about to be cool again, guys. 

We’re delighted to exclusively premiere the video for Emilie & Ogden’s new single “What Happened”. Have a listen / look below!

PS If you like what you hear, she’s got an album (10,000) coming in October! 



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