Example is going to help boy band The Wanted crack the US.

The ‘Change the Way You Kiss Me’ hitmaker has written a track called ‘Chasing the Sun’ for the British group which their record label thinks will be a huge hit, and establish them in America.

Example told the Daily Star newspaper: “When I wrote it, I was in a studio session for Kylie Minogue, so the verses were a bit spiritual.

“But when we finished I was like, ‘This is The Wanted’, and didn’t even bother running it past Kylie.

“I sent it straight over to their record label and they loved it.

“The guy who signed me in America is releasing the band in the States on Def Jam and he said: ‘This could be big in America.’”

Example – real name is Elliot Gleave – also confessed he was not a fan of The Wanted to begin with, but his attitude has changed.

He added: “When they first came out I was wrong about them. They were a bit rough around the edges like any boy band are, but now they are really polished.

“They’re good singers, performers and look great. A lot of people think I hate pop stars but I just don’t like bad pop.

“I like it that they’re not too choreographed and are like a bunch of mates bumbling around.”