Eminem still writes songs on the toilet.

The ‘Not Afraid’ rapper overcame addiction to painkillers to produce two hugely successful albums, ‘Relapse’ and ‘Recovery’ – the latter the best selling record of 2010 in the US – and despite his riches and fame, admits he gets a lot of inspiration while in the bathroom.

When asked if he still wrote on the toilet, Eminem replied: “Sometimes. I think we do most of our best thinking on the s****er. What else do you have to do in there besides think?”

Eminem admitted that by 2004, when he was recording his fifth album, ‘Encore’, his penchant for toilet humour was getting too much, as well as his addictions taking over, prompting a five year break before his comeback, upon which he re-evaluated his lyrics.

He added to Rolling Stone magazine: “Around the tail end of ‘Encore’, the songs started getting really goofy. ‘Rain Man’, ‘Big Weenie’, ‘Ass Like That’ – that’s when the wheels were coming off.

“Every day I had a pocketful of pills, and I would just go into the studio and goof off. When I went to Hawaii with Dr. Dre for [what became ‘Relapse’], there was a turning point lyrically.

“I was sitting in the car listening to these older songs of mine, trying to figure out, ‘Why doesn’t the new stuff hit me like it used to?’

“That’s when I started to get away from the funny s**t and do songs that had some emotion and aggression to them again.”