The video for Rihanna’s new single “Bitch Better Have My Money” is…an experience. There’s a reason this girl is the most successful digital artist in history, but did she go a little far with a the fake blood this time? The ELLE team weighs in. 

But first (and after we warn you about the violence, the nudity, the swears), here’s the video in question:


And now the ELLE team’s reactions:

Vanessa Craft, beauty director:

Provocative, heart-racing, visually stunning, thought-provoking and dramatic. Just like Riri. 

Ciara Rickard, production editor:

I feel like I need to watch a Taylor Swift video now to erase the memory of this one. #traumatised

Carli Whitwell, beauty and health editor:

Okay, I know I’m supposed to be shocked by this video, but really I kinda wished I was part of Rihanna’s Thelma-and-Louise crew. 

Victoria DiPlacido, assistant beauty editor:

I know there are people being kidnapped and killed here, but can we take a moment to appreciate her beauty look? That overdrawn, ‘90s burgundy lip does not budge.  

Sarah Thompson, content producer:

“I had to stop watching around the 1:33 mark (#lateforwork), so I assume Rihanna received her money during a cordial exchange and that the video ended on a happy note. Am I right?”

Sarah Laing, associate features editor:

I mean, if you’re going to kidnap someone, do it in a Louis Vuitton steam trunk, right? Also, fishing boats are the new yachts. 

Nezariel Scott, editorial assistant:

I may sound over-the-top but it gave me life. I feel reborn. Rihanna embodies everything I aspire to be. Since we are practically twins (all jokes aside), I plan on getting her sultry red hair ASAP. Now excuse me while I go rewatch the video another 500 times. 

Anita Ehui, editorial assistant:

It was badass in an Al Pacino meets Mob Wives sort of way. I was highly confused when they were all high in the motel and “the Gold Digger” was turning up the most (as if she forgot they were about to kill her.) Bloody face and all I give Rihanna a solid 4/5!

Sarah Veenstra, editorial assistant:

It’s a literal Texas Chainsaw Massacre. I’m sure it’s intended to be shocking, ground breaking and provocative but the only thing I would find shocking in a music video is if someone attempted to keep their clothes on.

Madison Schill, fashion writer:

Did she really just shoot a cellphone? That was on my mind (impressive!) until the Hannibal-revenge scene came into view and OKAY, let’s be honest: don’t ever, ever, cross Rihanna. 

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