Ed Sheeran has vowed not to “sell out”.

‘The A Team’ singer only released his first album ‘+’ earlier this month, but is already planning his second and no matter what people say about his work he promises to stay to true to himself and his own goals.

He told asylum.co.uk: “Even if I wasn’t successful with the next album, as long as I do what I want and I’m happy with it, it will be fine. I think the worst thing is when people call other people sell outs. If I got a bad review in a paper and thought ‘oh f**k he’s right’ – that would be selling out.

“But I am 100 per cent happy with everything I did on my first album. I don’t think I’ll ever lose that. I come from a scene where we like to be credible and do what we want.”

Ed also told how his second single, ‘You Need Me, I don’t Need You’ is about how record companies initially tried to change him and who he was.

He added: “That song wasn’t just about one particular person, but the industry in general.

“I came from a small farming town in Suffolk [southern England] and just wrote songs and did gigs, and suddenly I was being told, ‘Other people need to write your songs, you can’t be looping, you can’t be beat boxing, you need to dress like this and have that image’. I was like: f**k that, I going to do what I want.”