Ed Sheeran didn’t expect ‘The A Team’ to be successful.
The British singer’s track spent seven weeks in the UK top 40 singles chart last year but he admits he didn’t think it would do so well because it tells the tale of a drug-addicted teenage prostitute.
He said: ”I didn’t really expect it to take off with ‘The A Team’ because of what it’s about but [the next single] ‘Lego House’, I kind of knew where it would end up if it got the right radio play.
”I just knew that I would end up in a position where the success would kind of take hold, so people would either think you were intensely cool for tour success or people would think you were s**t for your success.”
Despite his success, Ed has been dubbed ”boring” by critics but he insists he doesn’t mind.
He added: ”I think I got one good review [for my album ‘+’].
”If Adele’s seen as boring, then I’m happy to be boring as well. I’ve had worse.”