Duff McKagan is keen to collaborate with Prince.

The former Guns ‘N Roses bassist – who now performs wtth rock bands Velvet Revolver and Loaded – admitted while there are a whole host of stars he is pleased to have worked alongside throughout his career, the Grammy award-winning artist is his number one musical influence.

He explained: “I’d love to play with Prince. I played on the Iggy Pop record, and he’s my guy . I played with Steve Jones; he’s my guitar hero. Prince is the guy, probably the biggest musical influence all around for me.”

Duff revealed he did once get to meet Prince but he was so “f***ing tongue-tied”, he didn’t know what to say to his hero.

Speaking to music website TheSunsetStrip.com, he added: “I was so f***ing tongue-tied that I didn’t know what to say. But to be able to play on a song or something like that; that would be pretty bad-ass, just on a personal level.

“You know there’s a hundred things I could think of I have left to do, but it’s been great so far. I’ve never really sat there and thought about it; about what I’ve done so far, and how does it feel. I probably should do that one day, but it’s not happening yet. Probably a good sign.”