Guns N’ Roses are to be supported by Duff McKagan’s Loaded.

The ‘Nightrain’ rockers will play on the same bill as former bass player Duff’s latest band in Seattle in the US and Vancouver in Canada later this month, fuelling speculation that relations between members the group’s classic line up are thawing ahead of their induction to the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame next year.

It is rumoured Duff could even join the group – whose only original member is singer Axl Rose – to play on a few tracks, as he did when they performed at London’s The O2 in October 2010, the first time he’d played with the band for 17 years.

Following that show, Duff said: “The cool thing about that was Axl and I got to reconnect. We’re grown-ups, you know. There’s been a lot silliness. Lawyers and bulls**t. It was just nice to reconnect. We had a nice dinner. That was much more important to me than actually getting up and playing.”

Duff, along with Axl, guitarists Slash and Izzy Stradlin, and drummer Steven Adler are considered the ‘classic’ line up of the band; who were propelled to worldwide superstardom after releasing the seminal ‘Appetite For Destruction’ album in 1987. The biggest fall out between the members of the band is the long running feud between Slash and Axl, although original drummer Steven Adler lives in hope of the original members putting their differences aside.

He said: “You figure that time heals all wounds, but some people just really hold a crazy grudge. Can’t we just be f***ing people who played music and accomplished a huge goal in their life and just play a couple songs? It’s only rock and roll, my god! It’s not rocket science.”