Drake has the “greatest freedom you can possibly have” in music.

The rapper and producer Noah ’40’ Shebib feel they were in a privileged position when they made his second album ‘Take Care’ as they were allowed to work in the studio unrestricted and uninterrupted by his Cash Money record label.

Noah said: “We get to do what we want: We don’t have to clear it with the A&Rs or anybody. We are our own A&Rs. And that’s the greatest freedom you can possibly have in this business.”

To make the album Drake went back to his roots with Noah – who he worked with on his breakthrough mixtape ‘So Far Gone’ in 2009 – and said their ideas flowed freely at the studio in Toronto where they worked.

He told MTV: “I can’t tell you that anybody made any conscious decisions to the extent of, ‘Oh, we’re gonna make this feel of an album.

“We really just make records and cut music until someone says, ‘That’s it: You can’t make any more music – you gotta stop.’ ”

Since its release in November, Take Care has sold almost two million copies.