Justin Bieber and Drake will record together next month.

The ‘Find Your Love’ rapper is “excited” about collaborating with 17-year-old singing sensation Justin for a track to go on his forthcoming third album, ‘Believe’.

Speaking on stage in Los Angeles on Saturday (17.12.11), Drake told the crowd: “Me and Justin are going in the studio in January to work on his new album, so I’m excited about that.

“That’s definitely gotta be one of the most talented kids doing music right now.”

Justin previously revealed Drake would be among a number of “cool” artists he had lined up to work on his next record.

He said: “I’m working with a lot of cool people. I’m working with Kanye. Drake is gonna work on the album with me and a lot of different artists.”

While Justin is pleased with the stars who will feature on his next album, he has previously admitted he would most like to record a track with his girlfriend, Disney starlet Selena Gomez.

He said: “Maybe I’d sing with Selena, I’ve heard all of her new stuff and it’s amazing. I would also love to work with Will.i.am as well as Jay-Z on a cool, fun record.”