Don Cheadle has taken “so much s**t” for his accent in ‘Ocean’s Eleven’.

The 46-year-old actor – who played Basher Tarr in the Steven Soderbergh-directed franchise – explained he would often be abused by strangers in the street after his portrayal of a London dialect was widely criticised.

He said: “I’ve taken so much s**t for that accent. I went to the Baftas, never been to London before, I’m walking down the street from my hotel, trying to get a little lunch or something.

“And literally, every 40ft, 50ft . one guy almost literally cut across two lanes of traffic to cuss me for that part. ‘Don’t f***ing do that again’.”

However, the Oscar-nominated star admitted he is now keen to turn his hand to a career behind the camera, as he doesn’t find acting as “dazzling as it used to be”.

Don added to The Guardian newspaper: “I think the more I become involved in the other aspects of film-making the more enamoured I find I am with not being in front of the camera. I love writing and producing and watching it become being something real before your eyes.

“But being in front of the camera . I don’t know if the bloom’s totally off the rose, but after 26, 28 years as dazzling as it used to be. It can be fun but it has, on balance, more neuroses than it’s offered comfort or relief.”