DJ Fresh makes Rizzle Kicks sound like Rage Against the Machine on a new track.
The ‘Hot Right Now’ hitmaker was impressed with the pop duo when he saw them at Ibiza Rocks last year, and wanted to make a song like the legendary rap-metal band to ”take them out of their comfort zone.”
He exclusively told BANG Showbiz: ”I saw them performing and they were going nuts at the crowd, I’d never seen Jordan doing that before, so I was like, ‘let’s get that energy onto a record’.
”We wanted it to be something like Rage Against the Machine, with Jordan going crazy rapping and Harley’s singing on it.
”We’ve been playing it on tour and it’s definitely been getting the best reaction of any track we play.”
The producer and DJ is also working on a song with rapper Professor Green, which he says has the potential to become a rap-rock classic.
He added: ”At the moment it has me singing the whole song, but we’re going to get a band to re-sing those parts, it’s a rock meets Dubstep sort of thing. I was with Pro Green in Ibiza and I played it to him and he really liked it, so what we’re hoping is to get him on that track and to have it like a modern Run DMC versus AC/DC track.”