Dizzee Rascal wants Calvin Harris to ”come up with something” for his new album.
The rapper worked with the producer on his first ever UK number one, ‘Dance Wiv Me’, and again on his track ‘Holiday’ from his ‘Tongue N’ Cheek’ album, and is keen to team up with his again for his forthcoming fifth record.
He said: ”I was on the phone to Calvin Harris the other day – we’ll see if he can come up with something.”
Dizzee added he’s been taking his time making his next album and started working in Los Angeles almost by accident, as he’s recently been enjoying having some time off.
He added to the BBC: ”I’ve never had this much time off to just make an album at my leisure.
”I went to Los Angeles for a holiday but I started bumping into people, started getting in the studios and ended up staying out there for three weeks.
”It’s a bit more worldly, but still fun. I’ve spent more time on this one than I have the other ones. I’m relaxing.”
From his time in Los Angeles, Dizzee is about to unveil a new track he made with DJ Muggs, of rap band Cypress Hill.
He said: ”There’s also a video that’s coming in a couple of weeks for a track I’ve done with a guy called DJ Muggs. He’s the producer in Cypress Hill.
”He made ‘Jump Around’, ‘Insane in the Brain’ – all them big classics. We got a track called ‘Snap Your Neck Back’. It’s big.”