N Dubz rapper Dappy is “lonely” in his solo career without his N-Dubz bandmates.

The British star will release his first single ‘No Regrets’ without his bandmates Tulisa Contostavlos and Fazer on September 19 and although he misses them, he is looking forward to the chance to have the stage to himself.

He said: “It is very lonely. I look left and I look right and both of them ain’t there, but it gives you the freedom to breathe on a song and to show off on the three-and-a-half minutes you get on each single to deliver.”

Dappy is hugely ambitious for his solo career and revealed he wants his record to be as “epic” as possible.

He told the Daily Record newspaper: “I want to make a big record for hundreds and thousands of people to sing back to me and they’re also going to relate to it.

“So now my album’s going to consist of hard, anthemic, power to the people, lighters in the sky, stadium sing-a-long – I want it to be as epic and as big as possible.”

N-Dubz are currently on a break, with Dappy the first member to launch a solo track.