Rizzle Kicks ”idolise” Damon Albarn.
The ‘Down with the Trumpets’ duo – Harley -Suleeach and Jordan Stephens – love the work the Blur frontman has done with his cartoon band Gorillaz, and feel ”connected” with him, though he isn’t the only star they admire.
Harley exclusively told BANG showbiz: ”Gorillaz are a big inspiration for us. We love what Damon Albarn has done with them and the way that they’ve stuck around for so long. He’s an idol. We’ve kind of got a connection with him as we worked with his cousin on our album.
”We really like the stuff Dappy has done and when we’ve met him he’s always a really nice guy. We love Mike Skinner and The Streets too.”
The pair also claimed they have received a lot more attention from women since finding fame but take the adoration in their stride.
Harley said: ”We get a lot more attention from girls now that we’ve become a bit more well known. I guess that’s just natural, it’s going to happen. But we’ve learnt to deal with it fine. We don’t feel exploited by or anything.”
And the duo – who have been family friends since the age of four before drifting apart and meeting up again when they were 11 – have maintained a ”great friendship” despite the added pressures of fame.
Harley added: ”We have a great friendship, get on really well and never argue so it’s all good.”