Coldplay see their latest album ‘Mylo Xyloto’ as a “blank canvas”.

The British band came up with the unusual name for their latest release – which they launched last week with a stunning gig in Madrid as part of the ‘American Express Unstaged’ livestream music series – so that fans and critics wouldn’t have any “preconceptions” of what the sound would be like.

Jonny Buckland said: “It doesn’t really mean anything, that’s the main point, we made it up, we conjured it out of nothing and we like the idea of having something that has no context, people don’t have any preconceptions about it. For us it’s like a blank canvas, it’s something to start afresh with.”

Jonny also revealed the band – which also includes Will Champion and Guy Berryman – “felt freer” to experiment with this album than they ever have before.

He said: “I think making this record we felt freer than we’ve ever felt before. Part of that is to do with us having children and having different things in our life, part of it was working with Brian Eno again, he really inspires us to try new things and not be tied down by what we’ve done in the past so we really felt we could play any kind of music and have fun.”

Frontman Chris Martin added: “We’ve just been experimenting like we’ve never done before. We’ve not been afraid to try lots of different things, we’ve worked with people and collaborated with people and we’ve just felt a great sense of liberation.”