Bruno Mars feels his new song ‘Let It Rain’ fits in with the new ‘Twilight Saga’ movie perfectly.

The singer recorded the track for the penultimate instalment of the vampire movie, ‘Breaking Dawn: Part 1’, and says the song pays tribute to the romance between lead characters Edward Cullen and Bella Swan.

He said: “When I saw the scenes I was already working on a dark love song. In every relationship you don’t want to lose your friend. That’s the hardest part.

“I didn’t want to write it like ‘I’m gonna sink my teeth into you.’ It was just honest, pure emotion.”

As well as being pleased with the song, Bruno was also impressed with the movie as he experienced a variety of emotions.

He told Yahoo! omg: “I watched some parts that made me laugh. I watched some parts that made me bawl into tears and just cry and cry. I thought it was shot beautifully. They did some really cool stuff. The cinematography was great. And the storyline.”

While he is enjoying success now, Bruno says he can relate to young people trying to break into the music scene through shows like ‘The X Factor’.

He said: “The best advice I can give the ‘X Factor ‘acts trying to make it, is make sure you’re around people you trust – people who are going to tell you when something sucks. It’s important to try and remember to stay as true to you as possible and try to be different. People like people who are real – someone they can relate to. Just because you get a little buzz doesn’t mean now you’ve got to hang out with more famous people and got to be seen with this person and that person.”

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