Brian May would have liked to have been in AC/DC.
The legendary Queen guitarist admires the ‘Back in Black’ rockers’ straightforward approach to rocking and although he would have loved to play with them, acknowledges his style wouldn’t really fit.
He said: ”I’d have probably liked to be in AC/DC. But I’m the wrong sort of size and shape unfortunately. Because it’s different from Queen.
”Queen were very eclectic – that’s the word isn’t it? – and we just trampled over every boundary that there was but AC/DC are in a sense the opposite – they know their style and it’s incredibly pure and I have a great respect for that.
”And every single note they play is AC/DC completely.”
Brian also talked about how he was frustrated when Queen made their first, self-titled album, because of the limits of the studio.
He added to The Independent newspaper: ”Our first album was made in insane circumstances – we just went in there for odd hours during the night, we had so little time, so all those dreams that I had couldn’t really come to fruition.
”When we came to ‘Queen II’, we were actually in a proper studio with time that was booked like a real, proper band and I was determined that we would do all that and we had adventurous ideas on guitar harmonies but also vocal harmonies – just painting a huge picture, which was in our heads.”