Blur have been meeting up and recording together.

The band’s future has been uncertain since they finished a string of shows in the UK in 2009 and went to pursue various other projects, but singer Damon Albarn has said they have been meeting and have recorded a spoken word piece with poet Michael Horovitz.

Damon said: “Yeah we do still meet up regularly. When I actually get to do Blur, though, it’s amazing playing all those old songs, it’s a great feeling.”

Damon is unsure whether the poem track the band – which also includes Graham Coxon, Alex James and Graham Rowntree – recorded will ever be released, as it was written about the near cancellation of the annual Notting Hill Carnival in West London, after rioting earlier in the month of August when it is held.

Damon added: “If they’d have cancelled the carnival – and thank God they didn’t – maybe we’d have put it out. It had its moment, it was a perfect plea to reinstate the carnival. So it wasn’t relevant – it was relevant for about 12 hours.”

Blur’s last release was the song ‘Fools Day’, a one off single for Record Store day in 2010.

Damon is hopeful the band can play again and said they want to visit America, but is unsure if they will do any more concerts in the UK, as he doesn’t see how the band could offer anything new to fans.

He added: “We think there might be an audience for us over there [in America]. We’ve always wanted to play in America again.

“I just don’t know if anyone would want to see it [in the UK] again – they’ve seen it already haven’t they? Do people genuinely want to go through that again? We’ve got nothing new.”