Beyonce Knowles “inspired” LeeLee to work hard as a singer.

The former Destiny’ Child star was a huge influence on the 22-year-old singer when she started listening to pop music because of her work ethic and powerful vocals.

LeeLee said: “I was listening to the gospel club and going to church. But when I started listening to other music I started listening to Destiny’s Child. So Beyonce has always been a big inspiration for me especially because she’s such a hard worker and I love her voice.

“I’ve seen her perform in Las Vegas, it was really inspiring for me so I’ve had a lot of fun. So that’s definitely one of my biggest inspirations.

“But a long of songwriters right now inspire me. People like Keri Hilson, her writing is amazing and that’s something that’s really important to me as much as singing.”

LeeLee is just starting out in her career but has already drawn up a list of artists she would like to collaborate with in the future.

The ‘Boombada’ singer exclusively told BANG Showbiz: “Right now I think I’d like to work with J Cole and Big Sean-

“I’m really liking their music right now and I think some of their songs are my style of writing and my style of music it would be really, really cool.”

LeeLee’s new single ‘Boombada’ is out now on Daywalker Records.