Benji Boko was delighted to be able to collaborate with Yoko Ono.

The electronic musician allowed the Japanese artist to be the main feature of a project featuring a number of artists from around the world, which he worked on after being inspired by director Ridley Scott’s 2011 documentary movie ‘Life in a Day’.

He said: “SoundCloud and I hooked up via my press team and inspired by Ridley Scott’s ‘Life In A Day’ film we created a project allowing people from all around the world to send us sounds. This was made into a piece of music, in one day.

“Yoko caught wind of it and wanted to be involved so we gladly obliged and gave her the main feature on the track.”

The artist – who has performed remixes for Little Dragon, Chromeo and Rizzle Kicks – named ‘Organ Donor’ hitmaker DJ Shadow as the favourite ever act he’s worked with.

He added: “It’s hard to pin point a favorite but DJ Shadow has been a highlight. It really sums up where my head is at musically and it’s currently in the mix for a competition that Shadow is running.”

Following on from his debut album ‘Beats, Treats, and all things Unique’, Benji is fully confident his second record is going to be “better, faster and stronger”.

He explained: “I’m half writing my second album but I’m probably going to wait until I have some time to fully focus on it rather than getting distracted by everything.

“All I can tell you is that it’s harder, better, faster and stronger.”

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