Beastie Boys Mike Diamond admits a weeping crisis delayed the release of ‘ Hot Sauce Committee Part Two’.

Mike constantly found himself in tears while making the group’s recently released album, however, not because of his bandmate Adam ‘MCA’ Yauch’s battle with throat cancer, but because he was laughing so much.

Mike – also known as Mike D – said: “Making this album proved difficult because I kept breaking down in tears.

“I was laughing so much at stuff, on a daily basis, it ended up where I couldn’t really do anything but cry.

“I was weeping like a baby. We had to start documenting it all and sending the proof to our manager to show her why we still had no songs on tape.”

The 45-year-old star – who is joined in the band by Adam and Adam ‘Ad-Rock’ Horovitz – also recently had an unusual experience when a fan tried to force his earplugs on him at a show.

He explained: “Our fans can be crazy. I was at a gig recently and this dude comes up, says he loves the Beastie Boys.

“Then he goes, ‘dude my earplugs are really good, try them,’ he then takes these earplugs out and hands them to me.

“I was like ‘thanks but no thanks, I want to hear the show and that’s kind of disgusting. Not taking no for an answer the dude, was insisting that I try them.

“I actually had to run away, like, literally run.”

‘Hot Sauce Committee Part Two’ is out now.