Arcade Fire find making records “hard”.

The ‘Suburbs’ hitmakers always strive for perfection, and admit it can be taxing reaching their own expectations, but they always want to be true to themselves.

Frontman Win Butler said: “Every record, there’s been some point where we’ve looked at each other and gone, ‘What are we doing? This is so hard.’ Because it is. It’s just hard.

“Making anything properly is really hard. Like making a really good chair is really hard, the fine detail on everything. And there’s a certain point where you think, ‘Argh! Why did I start doing this?’

“But you have to be true to yourself. Our strength is that we always have been. We’ve always known, no matter how hard, we just gotta stay the course.”

The group will perform in London’s Hyde Park this evening (30.06.11) and Win promised fans a “great” show.

He added in an interview with Q magazine: “It should be as great show. It’s hard to say. We’re just going to do what Arcade Fire do best. Just get out there and play some rock ‘n’ roll.”

Joining Arcade Fire in Hyde Park tonight are The Vaccines, Beiruit and Mumford & Sons.