Anne Hathaway may collaborate with UK rapper Benji Boko to record her ‘Pap Rap’.

The ‘One Day’ actress recently admitted she loves rapping and wrote her own track about the paparazzi attention she gets, which she performed on a US chat show.

The “Lil Wayne inspired” song features the lines: “Yo I’m a paparazzi/ I don’t play no Yahtzee/I go pap-pap-pap my camera’s up your crutch/ See I tell the truth from what I see and sell it to Perez Hilty.

“Don’t call my scuzzy making money that’s my job celeb photography/ What hell no I’m not needy I’m legit no stalk-a-razzi don’t act so hartzy tartzy bitch I know that you’re from Jersey.

“Pap-pap-pap-pap scream all you want won’t make me stop/ Pap-pap-pap-pap I know you love to feel my pop.”

The rap was quickly remixed and a beat was put behind it by the London DJ and he says he’s received word she may even be open to stepping into the studio with him.

Benji told Bang Showbiz: “I’m over the moon to potentially be working with one of Hollywood’s A-Listers!”

Benji’s debut album ‘Beats Treats and All Things Unique’ is out now.