Tom Meighan used to wait for aliens in his garden.

The Kasabian frontman was obsessed with the film ‘E.T. – The Extra Terrestrial’ when he was growing up and was convinced he would befriend a creature from outer space.

He said: “I genuinely wanted an alien to be my best friend. When I was five I used to wait in the garden with a potted plant and sit in the long grass for hours. Loads of times I imagined I saw a spaceship. I had quite an incredible childhood.”

Even now, Tom, 30, says he likes to escape reality because he isn’t a fan of the real world.

He told Q magazine: “I try not to live in the real world. My heart’s not in the real world but my head is, if that makes sense. I just find it boring. All my family, my missus and my friends, they know what I’m like and I can escape with them but, yeah, I’ve just got a knack of switching off. But reality does hit me sometimes.”