Alice Cooper thinks the kids of today are “afraid” to rock.

The ‘Elected’ singer pioneered the shock rock genre with his theatrical shows which famously featured him having his head ‘guillotined’ off, but he feels the younger generation are lacking when it comes to truly embracing the alternative lifestyle.

He said: “I think they’re afraid to rock, I think they’re afraid to get up there and just rock. My generation couldn’t wait to get up and do it!

“I’m looking at bands and they’re all wearing Gap shirts and Dockers. Now there’s nothing wrong with Gap shirts, as long as they’re doused in blood!”

Alice, 63, also bemoaned rock stars retiring early, saying how his generation are still performing and making records today.

He added: “If you look at the guys who give the awards, it’s always Iggy Pop or Ozzy Osbourne or myself, or somebody that’s been in the business since the 60s – and we’re all still playing, we’re still performing!”

Alice was collecting an award himself last week, as he was named the Kerrang! Icon at the heavy metal magazine’s 30th anniversary ceremony – in association with Relentless energy drink – where he promised he will be rocking harder than the younger bands.

He added: “We need more energy out there, so we’re going to play across Europe later this year and do what we do best: Kick everybody’s ass.”