Alexandra Burke has recorded “six albums worth of songs” for her second album.

The ‘Broken Heels’ singer has been recording for two years since releasing her debut, ‘Overcome’ in 2009, and put back the release date for the follow up until 2012 so she can make sure every track is perfect.

She told the Daily Star newspaper: “I’ve done six albums worth of songs. Hopefully it will be out for Easter. It’s not strictly a banging album. It’s fun, loud, up-tempo, in your face, it has a lot of colours.

“It’s very different to ‘Overcome’. This one is a bit more womanly, sexier. I’ve taken more risks.”

One of the stars to have worked with Alexandra on the record is Columbian DJ Erick Morillo, who produced a “very special” song with her.

She added: “I’ve been doing some amazing stuff with him in Los Angeles. One track in particular is very special.

“Erick is a very talented producer and I’m sure I will be working with him a lot.”

Alex spoke of her perfectionist approach to recording the album earlier this year, saying she is making sure she puts her own stamp on the album.

She explained: “I’m just putting my little thing on it. I’m executive producer of this album, so I don’t want it to go wrong.

“I oversee absolutely everything. Nothing passes my ears. I hope you guys love it as much as I loved creating it.”