Alex Turner hates Arctic Monkeys’ name.

The group’s singer says the moniker is “bad” and should make people realise that it was the first time he or his bandmates had formed a band.

He said: “This is the first band I’ve been in. A lot of people in bands have a few goes at it before they find the one that works but with us, we all started playing guitar and everything at the same time.

“There might have been other ideas for offshoots at the time, but the Monkeys was the first one. It sound like a first band name, doesn’t it? It’s so bad that the tribute bands don’t sound worse. I saw there’s an Aertex Monkeys, that’s pretty clever.

Alex claims he doesn’t even know why the band got their name, as it was created by guitarist Jamie Cook and he refuses to explain the choice.

He added to Q magazine: “I’ve no idea where it came from. It was Jamie’s fault, he came up with it and he’s never even told us why. If he even knows, he’s keeping it a secret from me.”