No, we’re not talking about your souful rendition of “Last Kiss” in the shower, although we’re sure it’s heartbreaking and beautiful all at once. This is a compilation of slightly better known vocalists who’ve performed one of the reigning Queen of Pop’s songs in public, for all to hear and enjoy. Did we mention they’re all dudes with major indie cred? 

1. Ryan Adams – “Wildest Dreams”

This indie singer has just released an entire cover album of Tay’s 1989, and our pick from the collection is his take on Swift’s current single, mostly for the lyric change “She’s so tall, and handsome as hell”. 



2. Father John Misty – “Blank Space”

So not only has this quirky folk singer taken on Taylor, he’s done it while doing an incredible Velvet Underground impersonation, which is some crazy pop music inception.


3. Vance Joy – “I Know Places”

So this Aussie muso took this song from the menacing, scary story of paparazzi pursuit Taylor told to something even sadder. Somebody, please take his hand and don’t ever drop it!


4. Tom Odell – “I Knew You Were Trouble”

This young Brit took Tay’s foray into dubstep into a wonderfull loungey / dive bar-y place that’s got us lying on the cold hard ground with all the tears.



5. Hanson – “We Are Never Getting Back Together”

So their indie cred is debatable, but this 2012 gem is practically a classic of the genre. Also, their “like ever” packs some Meredith level scorn.