The 2015 MTV Movie Awards - Red CarpetJ.Green, rolling with his crew last night. (Getty)

by Madison Schill We’ve known it for years—the MTV Movie Awards are the Oscars for the younger set. A time where A-listers and teenage heartthrobs walk hand-in-hand, eschewing moody stares for higher hemlines, friendlier smiles, and off-the cuff banter. In a world of full-bodied merlots, this awards show is a cosmopolitan in the bejewelled hands of a Hollywood it-girl. But, one thing we didn’t see coming was just how many feel good moments we’d be smiling at. Young adult literary sensation John Green, for instance, arrived arm-in-arm with Cara Delevigne and the cast of hotly anticipated
Paper Towns. The film that gorged itself on golden popcorn statuettes? Another flick by Green,
The Fault in our Stars. Something is going on, and we’re not going down without a fight. Could it be due to these gorgeous, fun-loving moments?