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From Carrie Bradshaw to Serena van der Woodsen: there’s no denying that TV’s ‘It’-girl archetype is an astoundingly enduring one.

And while they may share many common similarities (enviable hair and wardrobe usually among them), each one has their own something-something that draws the audience in.

In fact, we’d go so far as to say that if you have a particular affinity for one of them, we’d like to think the reason for your connection lies in the stars (as long as you’re reading your horoscope correctly).

Curious as to which on-screen ‘It’-girl you’re cosmically aligned with? Scroll on to find out.

AQUARIUS: Rachel Green from Friends

There’s no doubt that Rachel Green had ‘It’-girl qualities in spades (amazing hair, fashion sense and outfits that still inspire today’s real-life ‘It’-girls? Check). A self-professed Aquarius (like Jennifer Aniston herself), Rachel also embodied some of the sign’s classic traits (though we suspect her rising and moon signs might be different). These include her ability to be both extremely easy-going and quite stubborn, as well as a surprisingly dab hand at well-timed sarcasm.

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PISCES: Marissa Cooper from The O.C.

You only need to look at Marissa’s wardrobe to get instant Pisces vibes (that dreamy, ruffled Chanel dress she wore to prom? Heaven). She was sweet, smart, a bit impressionable, and despite her privileged background, highly empathetic, all of which are textbook Pisces.

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ARIES: Kelsey Peters from Younger

Although she’s far from a traditional ‘It’-girl, Younger’s Kelsey Peters—who becomes one of the youngest women at the helm of a publishing house and amasses an online following—definitely ranks in our books. As far as signs go, her bold, go-getting attitude and extremely competitive streak give us serious overtones of Big Aries Energy.

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TAURUS: Hilary Banks from The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air

A ’90s style icon if we ever saw one, Hilary Banks’ brilliant fashion sense and ‘rich girl’ makeup deserve far more attention than they get. Incidentally, they both fall very in line with Taurean sensibilities, a sign well-known for its love of shopping, the finer things in life and creature comforts. On the downside? These same qualities can occasionally veer towards superficiality and entitlement. Shopping aside, she’s also incredibly kind, caring and flirty, traits which are also a major part of the Taurus DNA.

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GEMINI: Veronica Lodge from Riverdale

Quick-witted and exceedingly determined, Riverdale’s local ‘It’-girl Veronica Lodge has got Gemini written all over her. Clearly well-read (how else would she drop those clever literary references and quotes?), Veronica’s incredibly tenacious with plenty of business acumen (buying a bar and starting a speakeasy while you’re still in high school, anyone?), and like most Geminis, has an impulsiveness that occasionally gets her into trouble.

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CANCER: Summer Roberts from The O.C.

While she started out as a spoiled rich girl from Newport, Summer arguably developed the most out of all The O.C.’s characters. And like the crab, her hard, ‘It’-girl shell belied her ultra sensitive core, particularly where her relationships (most notably her romance with Seth) were concerned. She was also a lot smarter and more compassionate than the show initially let on (two very Cancerian qualities), which we thankfully got to see come into its full glory when she went to Brown and became an environmental activist. That being said, we’re still not over the show’s ending. But that’s a story for another time!

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LEO: Serena van der Woodsen from Gossip Girl

The ‘golden girl’ with the lioness mane: is there anyone more ‘Leo’ than Serena van der Woodsen? We (and the show’s writers) think not. Leos are known for their bubbly personality and tendency to enjoy being the centre of attention (although they occasionally ‘pretend’ they don’t, but really do). All of this ring’s true in Serena’s case, as her Leo-esque charisma is what keeps her the vivacious, life of the party at all times (although one could argue that it’s often to her detriment!).

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VIRGO: Fallon Carrington from Dynasty

Spoiled but smart, Fallon Carrington isn’t one to be content with just being an heiress to her family’s fortune. Like the perfectionist earth sign, she’s hard-working and driven to start her own empire, while simultaneously being meticulous and highly calculated—arguably to a fault on more than one occasion. Despite her intimidating exterior, she’s also very caring with the people she loves (classic Virgo).

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LIBRA: Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City

If any sign is known for being a social butterfly with an unending love of luxury and a penchant for overthinking—it’s definitely Libra. And when it comes to embodying the sign in TV ‘It’-girl form, Sex and the City‘s girl-about-town Carrie Bradshaw undoubtedly fits the astro-bill. True to Libra, she’s diplomatic (often trying to find the balance between her friends’ polar opposite points of view), an idealist (eternally on the search for the perfect shoe—and relationship) and considers shopping her cardio (enough said).

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SCORPIO: Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl

Secretive, strategic and extremely passionate, Queen B is arguably the archetype for the ultimate Scorpio (even the show’s writers think so). Case in point: she’s unbelievably persistent (especially where her schemes are concerned), loyal until crossed (Scorpios do sting), deeply emotional, controlling and struggles to forgive those who’ve wronged her. She, like a typical Scorpio, also doesn’t really do casual relationships (her flings with Chuck didn’t count—she loved him), preferring deep relationships with an intense emotional-meets-sexual connection.

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SAGITTARIUS: Kat Edison from The Bold Type

Scarlet social media director Kat Edison could not be more Sagittarius if she tried. Honest, adventurous, outgoing and optimistic, Kat’s fun and fierce personality is totally in line with the fire sign. Like the archer, she also knows how to put her rebellious streak to a cause, using her platform to run for local office and help members of the LGBTQI+ community. On the downside, her positivity can get a bit too idealistic and naive at times, but she almost always figures things out and we love her for it.

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CAPRICORN: Rachel Zane from Suits

Although she wasn’t technically an ‘It’-girl, Rachel Zane had the wardrobe, work ethic and good taste to be the kind of influencer we’d love to follow (plus, Meghan Markle used to have a blog and is a Duchess now, so we’re just going to run with it). Besides her earthy, understated style, she also exhibited plenty of other cornerstone Capricorn qualities, including ambitiousness, persistence, discipline and a deep sense of loyalty.

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