With the beginning of each new month comes a whole host of movies and TV shows. And with so many streaming services dividing our attention with their constantly growing libraries, it can feel impossible to know what’s actually worth our time. Here, we break down what you should be checking out asap.


Feel Good (June 4)

Canadian multi-hyphenate Mae Martin’s underrated comedy Feel Good – about a queer comedian struggling with addiction (Martin) who starts a relationship with George (Charlotte Richie), a woman who has only ever been in heterosexual relationships – is back for its second and final season this month. Season two finds Mae and George navigating their own tricky pasts (and presents) while trying to figure out if they can make their relationship work.

Lupin (June 11)

If you’ve also been desperately waiting to see what happens in the aftermath of the stress-inducing cliffhanger that ended the first part of French heist thriller Lupin, the wait is almost over. Will the charming gentleman thief clear his father’s name after being wrongfully framed for a crime and pull off his biggest job yet?


 Loki (June 9)

If the first two Marvel shows that hit Disney+ earlier this year are any indication, Loki is all anyone is going to be talking about for the next few weeks. Tom Hiddleston returns to his fan-favourite role as the God of Mischief (and Thor’s brother), this time as an alternative version of himself who has to help fix the timeline he messed up – or be erased from existence.


Betty (June 11)

Yet another underrated series returning this month is HBO’s truly excellent skateboard series Betty, which is based on creator Crystal Moselle’s 2018 Sundance fave Skate Kitchen. Season two follows the five women protagonists (who are all avid skateboarders turned actors for the series) still skating in NYC – this time with the backdrop of the pandemic – while navigating the pressures of adulthood.

Kajillionaire (June 11)

Chances are you missed the critically acclaimed Kajillionaire when it debuted last fall. Now’s your time to rectify that. The Miranda July crime dramedy follows Old Dolio (Evan Rachel Wood), a 26-year-old woman who has been trained by her con-artist parents to be a long-time accomplice in their scams. But when she strikes up a new friendship with another woman, Old Dolio begins to realize her relationship with her parents is more about “business” than actually being a family. Innovative and witty, this is one you’ll be thinking about for a long while after the credits roll.

Blindspotting (June 13)

What would you do if you and your child were suddenly forced to move in with your mother-in-law after your partner was suddenly arrested? That’s the position Ashley (Hamilton’s Jasmine Cephas Jones) finds herself in when Blindspotting – a continuation of the 2018 film of the same name – premieres. Jones is reprising her role from the movie, which was co-written by her Hamilton co-star Daveed Diggs, a woman who was close to achieving her middle-class dreams before she’s left alone to navigate this latest life crisis – with a healthy sense of humour, thankfully.

Veneno (June 24)

If, for some reason, you only have time to watch one thing this month, make it Veneno. The Spanish-language series tells the IRL story of trans icon La Veneno – a.k.a. Cristina Ortiz – who rose to fame in the ‘90s and became one of the pioneering trans figures in Spain. The series follows two timelines, one set in the ‘90s following Ortiz’s career, and the second in the mid-2000s, when a young journalism student named Valeria meets her idol, starts working with her on her memoir and realizes that, maybe, they have more in common than they think.


Lisey’s Story (June 4)

Calling all horror fans: There’s a new Stephen King adaptation for you to feast on – and this one is written by the famed novelist himself. Based on his best-selling novel, Lisey’s Story follows Lisey (played by Oscar-winner Julianne Moore) two years after her husband Scott, a famous writer (Clive Owen), has died. When she’s suddenly faced with a stalker who’s obsessed with her late husband’s work, Lisey uncovers memories about their relationship that have been deliberately blocked out of her mind.

Physical (June 18)

Pull out your legwarmers and travel back to the ‘80s with Physical. The Rose Byrne-fronted dark comedy tells the story of Sheila, a dutiful housewife who is struggling with her self-image. But she soon becomes hooked on aerobics, unlocks a new passion and starts selling her own exercise videos and embarks on her own journey to becoming a confident lifestyle guru. Cue the Jane Fonda workout tapes.